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We have lift off! Just no builders now…

October 7, 2010

Finally the planning department at the council have approved our plans. Four months of total inefficiency on their part and then all it took was one meeting for them to wave the plans through, without so much as a brick change.

Of course now the builders we were using are off on another job. And the architects are having to ask them to re-quote as prices may have gone up in the last 4 months.

We put the offer in on the house 12 months ago to the day. And it feels like it could be another 12 months before we move in.

We’re both feeling pretty over the house already and keep muttering about it being too small for us before we’ve even moved in.

Bah humbug. And talking of that, there’s no chance we’ll make the architect’s deadline of being in for Christmas. We’ll be lucky to make hot cross buns at Easter the rate we’re crawling along at…

But my plants in the garden are growing. I’m hoping to have a crop of radish soon.

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