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The Great British Bake Off…in Battersea (and don’t tell his friends)

August 25, 2010

I’m taking a break from house renovation rants to tell you about my latest and perhaps most important challenge: The Great British Bake Off, in Battersea. And it’s happening tonight.

Having watched last night’s Great British Bake Off on BBC2 (with the very patronising and infuriatingly smug scone maker, Paul Hollywood) the Husband and I decided to have our own Bake Off. He’s never baked a cake, so tonight his challenge is a coffee and walnut cake. I’ve never used yeast, so he’s set me the challenge of Chelsea buns. With only one mixer, a couple of cake tins and a small kitchen, the competition’s going to be fierce.

He also asked me not to write on my blog about it ‘Because all my friends will laugh if they think I’m staying in making candied peel’. Well as there’s no candied peel in his recipe, I think it’s fine.

Photos of the results tomorrow.

Photos thanks to dullhunk and dichohecho

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