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House renovation: Anyone want to buy a wreck in London (a drink)?

August 25, 2010

‘A wreck in London in need of complete renovation’. Sometimes I think that description fits me better than it does our house.

And I nearly am a wreck after news that the planners have ballsed up again. Our case officer forgot to get the papers to her boss in time ‘before he went on holiday’ (are these people ever NOT on holiday?) so we’ve got to wait another month to hear if we’ve got planning.

And I definitely need complete renovation. Starting face first and involving many experts and several long months. All that surgery would be cheaper than making our house habitable, and I could probably go to some lovely clinic in America and then hang out by a pool afterwards. I’m tempted. And perhaps by the time I get back, looking years younger, the planners will have finished paper-shuffling and given us planning permission.

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