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House renovation: scores on the doors? (and why i’d be a crap spy)

August 18, 2010

I’d be a crap spy. I’ve been skulking around London trying to take photos of front doors I like. But even if I can see that all the blinds are down in a house and there’s virtually a notice in the window saying ‘We’re on holiday’, I get too embarrassed to get my camera out and take a photo.

First up is my front door, the one I need to replace/renovate (I limbered up with this photo):

Next a pale green door – you can see from the angle of the photo that I was pegging it as I took this:

I have this one chalked down as ‘nice knocker’ door.

And another photo of ‘nice knocker door’ because I particularly like the pathway up to the door. Even though we don’t really have a pathway up to our door, let alone the budget to re-pave one. But I can aspire to both.

Another door on the green theme. I’m not sure about pale green, but these people definitely looked as if they were on holiday.

I’ve seen a front door that I really like on the road I park my car every day. But I haven’t plucked up courage to photo it yet – not a phrase oft used by a good spy.

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