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Before and after photos: the demolition upstairs

July 27, 2010

Yesterday I gave you the official hard-hat tour of the demolition process downstairs. Today it’s a cautious tip-toe around the upstairs – cautious because most of the floor boards are missing. Mind where you tread.

The original master bedroom at the front of the house:

And now a Health and Safety Officer’s idea of a busy day at the office:

Moving along to the middle bedroom as it was:

And here it is now, as seen from the master bedroom:

Standing in the hallway this was the view towards the back of the house on the first floor:

And here it is looking just a bit more open plan!

A sledgehammer to the old staircase is one way of taking it out of action:

But why use a sledgehammer when you can just throw an old iron bath at the problem:

The neighbours are complaining about the dirt and so the poor builders have had to work with all the doors and windows closed and wearing breathing masks that look like they’re used in chemical warfare not property development.  So the bloody neighbours continue to thwart our efforts but we remain determined to smile pleasantly through the whole process, continue to renovate the wreck they live next to…and plan to throw the many slugs in our garden over the fence and in to theirs.

Tomorrow: Our Lady of the Hallway

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  1. July 27, 2010 10:50 am

    Thats a new one 🙂

    People can really find anything to complain about

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