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Light my fire, as cheaply as possible please

May 28, 2010

While we wait for our architect (who from henceforward will be known as ‘Eternity’) to come back to us with updated plans, costs, builders details etc, and in the process of dying of old age (yes, they’re being painfully slow) I’ve been looking at some of the fixtures and fittings we’re going to have to choose and buy.

First up is fireplaces, and given the escalating costs already, I need to hunt down some pyromaniac-pleasing bargains.

Here’s what we’ve currently got scattered around the house. First up, the sitting room/main reception room:

And in the second reception room:

Then in the guest bedroom, first floor:

This is in the small bedroom next to the spare bedroom:

And finally this is in the room that currently serves as nothing, just dead space, but is also on the first floor:

I don’t think we’re going to reinstate all four fireplaces as in London you can’t easily use them for fires, and to be honest they take up valuable space in rooms that don’t need fireplaces. But we will replace two of them. So now I’m on the hunt for beautiful fireplaces at sensible prices. And as much as I love and covet ones from Chesney‘s, they fall woefully short of matching that second criteria.

If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

More soon. I’m going to post up some pictures of each of the rooms of the house so you can see the work we’re faced with. And as I keep saying, ‘we must be mad!’

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  1. Debbie Smith permalink
    September 27, 2010 8:45 am

    Hi Emma – I’ve just been given the link to your blog by a friend who thought I would be interested -and am now currently reading my way through your past entries. I’ve just finished an 18 month project renovating a derelict farmhouse in West Sussex – God what a slog, but its now finished and I’m sitting here (still in my dressing gown…) in my beautiful Thomas & Thomas kitchen. Re fireplaces – The Architectural Forum, based in Islington – they are superb and very very reasonably priced. Also Nadine and Jason (who own it) are delightful. We bought 28 reconditioned radiators from them and I honestly can’t praise them enough. Good luck! Debbie

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