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Trendy bars are out, trowels are in

May 10, 2010

It’s official, we’ve changed. Gone are the days when birthdays used to be spent in trendy bars drinking all manner of over-priced cocktails, smoking, and waking up the next day barely remembering the celebrations. Gone too are the beautifully tissue and ribbon-clad presents of cashmere jumpers, expensive dry-clean-only shirts, perfume, vouchers for facials, expensive chocolates….

George’s birthday this year saw him swap luxey extravagances for a more down to earth set of gifts. Literally.

  • From me, two garden vouchers so he can buy himself a spade and a fork
  • A handsome wooden handled trowel from Hughie
  • Alys Fowler’s book ‘The Edible Garden’ from the dog
  • Secateurs from his mother

In fact only the week before his birthday it was mine and I had asked him to exchange his present to me of a very expensive iPhone cover for a subscription to Gardens Illustrated magazine. What I particularly love about Gardens Illustrated is that far from being a crusty gardening journal, it’s stylish and looks good alongside a cappuccino in a café. So you see I haven’t totally abandoned my sometimes sophisticated urban roots, well not just yet…

Back to George’s birthday celebrations (low key and at home), and in the spirit of wholesome earthiness I shunned buying him an expensive but delicious cake from Maison Blanc, and instead made some rather rustic looking fairy cakes. Luckily my husband is so nice that he made all the right noises and manfully ploughed through 3 cakes in one sitting.

Today’s observation…is a rant.

I’m still on crutches due to the severe case of Pelvic Girdle Pain (or SPD/Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) that I developed during pregnancy. We’ve even had to take on full time help at home for Hughie as I cannot lift or carry him when I’m on crutches. It’s financially fairly crippling to have to do this, but we will manage for the next few months. Not only did the NHS fail to take action in my case, (even after I had seen 3 consultants and many midwives about it), I was left with no choice but to have a c-section because of their negligence, I received no extra help post birth in the postnatal ward and no extra pain relief. As a result my birth experience was very, very poor and left me feeling depressed and in immense pain.

The NHS is completely clueless about this very debilitating condition and I pity people who don’t have any help that they can call on. I simply don’t know how they cope, and the NHS needs to take this condition much more seriously as it can leave mothers unable to walk for long periods of time, and in worst cases for many years. When I have more time, I’m planning to join the limited support networks out there as I want to be able to help other mothers who suffer with this condition.   

Rant over.

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