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We interrupt this blog to bring you news of….

May 6, 2010

It’s been a while since I posted. It’s not that I haven’t thought about what I’d write, or that work has stopped completely on the house or garden, but the arrival on April 14th of our baby son has rather hijacked all that lovely free time I used to spend writing.

Hughie is gorgeous, and we’re all very happy. And now there’s an even better reason in our lives to press on with our house and garden renovation project. To show our continued – and even renewed – dedication, less than 24 hours after I’d given birth, George left the novice mother juggling her newborn son with great incompetence and clumsiness, to go back to our architects at The Pike Practice for a serious budget meeting with Tom. But more of that next time…

So I’m back in the blogging saddle, albeit a little sorely. Before I get back to telling you what’s been happening on the house front, here are some of the wonderful flowers people have sent us in the last 3 weeks.


Web stats: It’s official, babies are the biggest thieves of time. If (and I use that word in capital letters, underlined and in bold), I get a minute between feeds, washing and nappy changing, I either stare zombie-like into the middle distance, or I stumble to the computer to find our internet connection is down. The latter has been a slight relief at times, but the engineer came on Tuesday so now I have no technical excuses to stop me from getting back to the world. 

Today’s observation:  Ah, hello toes, there you are! I’m reunited happily with my toes after they mysteriously disappeared 9 months ago.

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