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Playing with the big spades (and trying to buy one)

April 12, 2010

I feel very honoured to be playing with some of the the big and shiny spades of the gardening world now.

Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor of Country Living magazine, has her own very smart and jam-packed-full-of-horticultural-inspiration website, The Enduring Gardener. She or someone on her eagle-eyed team spotted my blog and has asked me to write a monthly update for her site on the progress of the garden renovation.

I’m hugely flattered, terribly daunted and as a result of it all very motivated. My bedside reading pile has transmogrified from a dusty pile of chick lit, baby naming books, the odd dog-eared magazine and a copy of Anna Karenina that – daunting in its fatness – serves as another bedside table, to a pile of gardening books, plant manuals and copies of Gardens Illustrated.

I used to wake up in the night with the sweats about giving birth, a work issue, or worrying about my overdraft that month. Now my panics are purely plant related. And those worries are so much better!

You can read my garden updates here on Stephanie’s website, although I will still be blogging about the garden on this blog too.

Current late-night plant preoccupation: will my soil allow me to grow my latest-love Verbena Bonariensis?

And on the subject of spades, if anyone can recommend a really good brand of spades, forks and the like, please let me know. My husband used to get cashmere jumpers and luxey bottles of wine for this birthday. This year it’s a spade.

Web hits: having hoped to work right up until the birth, I got knocked sideways last week by severe Pelvic Girdle Pain. Sparing you the gories, this basically means I can’t walk further than a few feet, and only then with crutches. So I’ve been bed-bound since then and had to stop work 10 days before the due date. That said, the power of the mighty iPhone has meant I’ve been able to read emails, web stats (around 1000 per day) and generally keep in touch with the office – apart from those moments when I take some very strong painkillers and my poor work colleagues are either left bemused at the crazy content of my emails, or putting up with the fact that I’m spark out…..again. 

Today’s observation: Midwives are wonderful people who make the reproductive world go round with kindness, humour and amazing experience, as are the relevant consultants. Junior registrars and doctors are – in my experience – so often the rusty cogs in the wheel who scare you, bamboozle you, write terrible, inaccurate case notes and clearly haven’t been through the daunting process of childbirth themselves.

Days until baby arrives: possibly a nerve-wracking just one or two. We have an appointment at the hospital this afternoon to determine our fate.

Photos thanks to: g-hat, Dave Hamster,

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  1. April 13, 2010 3:29 pm

    Poor you – hope you’re taking the opportunity to get in lots of rest before the big day!
    Good luck at the hospital this afternoon!

  2. April 25, 2010 10:08 am

    Hope all goes well with baby.

    Health visitors are also the tops.

    As for spades – I don’t own a Bulldog spade, nor do I have a brief for the company – but it might be worth looking at them.


    • Emma Drew permalink*
      April 26, 2010 9:41 am

      Thanks Esther, I’ll have a look at Bulldog tools. Top tip!


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