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The height of cutting edge architecture: a downstairs loo and a hoover cupboard

March 30, 2010

I’m in danger of falling in love with a man other than my husband. This man can do wonders with a pencil, a piece of paper and then some sort of computer design package.

We met up with Tom Pike our architect last Friday night and over a glass of wine (well, drearily just fizzy water for me) Tom unveiled his preliminary designs for our house.

I never thought that I’d come away from that meeting eulogising about the design and positioning of a downstairs loo. Conscious of the fact we needed to install a downstairs loo but faced with the reality that we barely had room for an extra tap in our small downstairs area, let alone a whole additional room with loo and basin, I was not hopeful about where this was going to go.

But Tom has come up with a layout that sees the rather narrow, dingy corridor down to the kitchen being blocked off, a small downstairs loo being installed behind glass mirror doors, and then double doors off to the right that will give access to the reception rooms and kitchens. This should give you a better idea:

Tom has also managed to squeeze a utility room onto the first floor – a real luxury (and surprise) in a small Victorian terraced house in London.

So it’s been a downstairs loo and hoover cupboard that have set my design world on fire so far.

We are feeling very optimistic about the designs and getting a fuzzy, Ready Brek glow from The Pike Practice. So far, so good. Next up is the budget. Let’s hope the glow doesn’t then start to cool….

The brambles and general garden garbage continue to flourish, and we eagerly await the flowering of our one daffodil.

Web hits: after a blip last week we’re back on form and hit a pleasing weekend score of 1400 on Sunday. Clearly there are too many people surfing ouur site than collecting their thoughts in church….The redesigns for the site are nearly finalised and aside from the fact that our website developer has left – a near-major catastrophe – we’re confident that, some day, the site will be hugely improved.  

Today’s observation: There comes a time in pregnancy when no matter how high you suspend your legs, there’s nowhere left to go for the endless gallons of excess fluid you seem to be creating. You just have to resign yourself to chunky-ankle-syndrome and the fact that ‘finely turned’ is not going to be a description applied to your ankles for a good while yet.

Days until baby arrives: 3 weeks, and still at work trying to finish things off…unsuccessfully.

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  1. Mrs J Drew permalink
    April 2, 2010 2:50 pm

    Free Euphorbia to good home. Apply 17 Church Plain.


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