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Our knight on a shining Apple Mac

March 9, 2010

Finally some enthusiasm for our wreck of a house. Tom from the Pike Practice of architects not only turned up and was enthusiastic, he also followed up quickly with an email and quote for his work.

He understands that for us the priority is structure and design, not fancy, overpriced fittings. We’ll be happy with a beautiful, perfectly designed and just-whitewashed shell. Designer taps and expensive Corian worktops in a boring, run-of-the-mill structure don’t do it for us.

So we hope to sign some paperwork and set him off drawing.

The sun was shining today and the Thames looked lovely near the house.

Web hits: the sun has been shining on our web hits today too. A post I wrote about guerilla knitting has been spread widely around the enthusiastic woolly world of knitters. 2500 and rising.

Days until baby arrives: 5 weeks. Ish.

Today’s observation: it’s very annoying when you receive an email from friends announcing the birth of their child – well that isn’t the annoying bit, this is – and they’ve stolen the name you had decided on for yours. You’re back to square one and wading through books of baby names in which editors think it’s morally acceptable to call a child Syntyche, Buck or Burchard.

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