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Knock knock, who’s there?

February 26, 2010

…an original Victorian letter box, that’s who.

On the basis that the letter box was broken and any wannabe squatter sloping past could see there was a nice 3 bedder waiting for them on the other side of an easy-to-open rotting door, we decided to sort out the letter box as our first attempt at securing up the property.

‘Let’s get rid of that rusty old letterbox and put something new in,’ I said casually to my husband. So we took the old letterbox to a rather smart ‘knobs and knockers’ shop to make sure we bought one the same size.

The gasps and sighs of excitement from the resident blacksmith in the shop were audible from several streets down. Turns out we have an original Victorian letterbox on our hands – the only remaining original feature that hasn’t been stripped out.

The letterbox expert’s enthusiasm was infectious and he wants to recondition it for about £50. Seems an awful lot to spend on a letterbox and visions of our minimalist highly modern ‘look’ seem to be slipping at an early stage, but we’re both feeling much less cavalier about throwing out our one remaining period feature….

Tomorrow we’re meeting one of the director’s of McLean Quinlan Architects. The pictures on their website are the stuff we dream of, and having spoken to her already, I want Fiona McLean to be my best friend already. There’s just the small matter of finances…

Web hits: a paltry 260, but that was due to our stats counter falling over with end-of-the-week fatigue

Days until baby arrives: roughly 7 weeks

Today’s observation: staying in my dressing gown until 13.09 seems worryingly acceptable when pregnant

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